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In line with new government agendas to tackle the growing problem of mental illness in young people we have devised workshops and courses for schools that aid emotional intelligence through embodied ways of knowing about the self and relationships with others. 

“I learned that dancing can be very fun, even for boys”

James, aged 9

“My favourite bit was when people gave their ideas and we put them all in a dance.

Alexia, aged 8


How do young people progress through dance?

Successful learners:

  • Engaging the kinaesthetic mode of intelligence
  • Providing opportunities to reflect, develop and explore options, make informed choices, find strategies for improvement
  • Providing opportunities to achieve and recognise success, particularly through performance

Confident Individuals:

  • Promoting physical activity and healthy life-style choices
  • Promoting self worth and personal identity
  • Taking responsibility for own contribution and for others
  • Relating to others in a range of ways and developing trust
  • Combining physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of self

Responsible citizens:

  • Communicating ideas and emotions
  • Learning to give and receive feedback
  • Promoting skills in problem solving and negotiation
  • Promoting responsible teamwork
  • Understanding and appreciating other cultures, perspectives and ideas



Exploring Science
• Inventors and Inventions
• Forces and gravity

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Exploring Cultures
Aboriginal Dance/Australia Day
• Bollywood Dance/ India Day
• Social Dances from Greece, France, UK and other


Exploring History
• How did people live?
• Why did people dance?
• What do dances tell us?


Healthy Bodies - Active Minds
Eating to perform well.
• Promoting physical and mental well-being
• Creating, performing and watching dance